Tutustu tuotantotiimiimme

From day one, our motivating priority has been to create good, sustainable jobs in Kenya. We're so proud to be working with a production partner that shares these values and proves that it's possible to produce really well made clothing at scale while prioritizing employee well-being and being thoughtful about environmental sustainability and community outreach.

We believe that environmental and economic sustainability go hand-in-hand, and we're excited to have a partner in SOKO Kenya that is aligned with us on this vision. A rainwater catchment system supplies water for the entire factory, including all of our fabric washing. Solar panels supply 25% of the power for the entire factory, taking advantage of the beautiful coastal Kenyan sunshine!

In addition to paying above living wages and providing paid leave and emergency stipends, as well as free primary childcare for children aged 2-4, SOKO has a financial literacy program which creates a cooperative savings mechanism for all of its employees. This creates a team atmosphere and a camaraderie among employees, as well as an opportunity to plan for the future collaboratively.

SOKO also prioritizes the wider community. In addition to stitching and distributing reusable menstrual pads for school aged girls, allowing them to remain in class without stigma, they also support this initiative with a comprehensive menstrual and sexual health curriculum to help give these young women a voice in how to be independent and in control. SOKO also operates a stitching academy that offers technical training and career development to its students, and a pathway to a sustainable career.

It's a privilege to work with SOKO Kenya, and they prove day after day that ethical, sustainable manufacturing is possible when putting people and community first, and that the learning never stops in the effort to do good and do better!