Meet our production team

Our partnership with Soko Kenya, an ethical manufacturer in Kenya, enables us to employ over 100 people full-time in a formal labor market with a transferable skill, ensuring a future in Kenyan manufacturing and a competitive playing field worldwide. Everyone who stitches our dresses is salaried, ensuring job security, and receive benefits. 

Our production partners ensure fair labor conditions and rights, protecting the health and safety of everyone who works on our clothing. 

We always dreamed of producing our own textiles in Kenya, and in the summer of 2020, we finally reached the scale and volume where we could make it happen! We now produce our own prints in Kenya, with Kenyan grown, ginned, milled, woven and printed cotton. We're super proud to be creating clothing from seed to store!

Since we started, we have sourced the majority of our fabrics directly from markets across the continent, though primarily in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. We are in constant communication and buy directly from a network of vendors that we've developed over the years.