Lulu Kitololon auringonpalvojien tervehdyskortti

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Olemme niin innoissamme, että saamme esitellä nämä kenialaisen suunnittelijan Lulu Kitololon kauniit kortit. Tämä kuvitettu kortti kuvaa erillistä eläimistöä, joka tavoittelee voimanlähdetään taivaassa, auringossa.

  • Suunniteltu ja painettu Keniassa
  • 6 x 4" (taitettuna)
  • Tyhjä sisustus
  • Ruskea kierrätetty kirjekuori mukana
  • Pakattu yksittäin läpinäkyvään holkkiin

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    We're delighted to be able to share the incredible work of Lulu Kitololo Studio with you! Based in Nairobi, Lulu Kitololo, is an artist, illustrator and designer with almost 20 years experience. Her designs celebrate diversity – drawing inspiration from nature, as well as cultures and crafts from around the world and in particular, her beloved home continent, Africa. In her own words, "My work has been an opportunity for me to dig deeper into my heritage – as a Kenyan but also, more broadly as an African. My designs are an excuse for me to learn more and then share that knowledge with a wider audience, in an accessible way. My designs are also an opportunity for me to celebrate the richness of my heritage and to hopefully inspire pride and confidence in all who share it."