100% Made in Kenya

Introducing our newest collection of textiles, 100% made in Kenya, with total traceability from farm to shop.

What does this mean?

This means that not only do we know the smallholder farmers who grow the cotton used to make our dresses, but also that we have access and input over the process of spinning that cotton into yarn, weaving that yarn into fabric and printing that fabric for clothing. It means accountability for our team, knowing with certainty that the working conditions for the production of our fabrics are healthy and safe, and that each worker is paid a fair and living wage.  It means that we can work directly with textile artists to create prints that we think you'll love, and provide a direct forum for them to share the meaning or inspiration behind their designs. Fundamentally and most importantly, it means that we're taking control of our supply chain so that we can ensure fair and safe work forevery single person who helped make our fabric.

Who does this impact?

Our production impacts hundreds of smallholder farmers and their families each year. It impacts young Kenyan artists whose voices and work may now have a slightly bigger audience (and fan club:) ). It impacts the Kenyan textile manufacturing industry, which for years has been out-competed in the local market by imported fabrics. Finally, it impacts you, because you can know that your dress was made ethically, honestly, and with pride.

What makes this different? 

The ecosystem for rotary printed fabrics is complex and truly global. While it's rare to see a rotary printed textile produced in a closed-circuit, farm-to-shop supply chain, the fabrics we're producing are verifiably 100% made in Kenya. Not just traceable, but local. Not just identifiable, but ethical and accountable. THAT'S what makes this different.  

Meet some of our design collaborators!

Shadé Akanbi

Raised in the Bay Area, Shadé credits her Nigerian-American upbringing and extensive international travels as her main creative influences for designing. Now based in Brooklyn, Shadé is the Creative Director and Designer of Printed Pattern People and it's a true joy to be able to share her work with you!

Lulu Kitololo

Lulu Kitololo is an artist, illustrator and designer with almost 20 years experience. Based in Nairobi, she's run her own studio since 2010. A few words from Lulu: "I’m incredibly thrilled to see my work on fabric and for it to be such an intimate part of the lives of those who wear it. I’ve always wanted to explore my work on textiles and I’m excited to be doing this with a brand whose ethos and spirit is so aligned with mine."

Jo Kalute

Jo Kalute is a Kenyan-born creative currently living in Sydney, Australia. Her work is inspired by her African heritage and seaside living. Her patterns are bold, energetic and contemporary.

Gitty Chemoss

Gitty Chemoss is a self-taught artist and Surface Designer who uses her art to explore creating patterns that contribute to the beautifully-expressive, uniquely-dynamic creations that impact and transform the way we experience, appreciate, and envision the world around us.

Phathu Nembilwi

Phathu Nembilwi is the Founder and Creative Director of Phathudesigns. She is a graphic designer and illustrator, who studied graphic design at the Tshwane University. Phathu grew up in a small town in Thohoyandou, South Africa. She draws inspiration from her own life and those around her, including the rich and colorful cultures in South Africa.

Angela Muritu

Angela Muritu is a visual artist based in Nairobi, Kenya. Angela specializes in the fields of print design, painting, printmaking, graphic design, stained glass, sculpture, and 3D design.

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